A brief history

Lady Alhambra is a play with song and dance currently in pre-production, and will be transformed from its original 15-minute solo show form into a full length, full cast, live performance. The original version of Lady Alhambra was written, directed, and performed first by Gabriela Castillo as part of Where the Roots Take Hold, a showcase of original solo works written, directed and performed by second-year graduate acting students, February 18-20 at the Center for Performance Experiment.


Seeking BIPOC Kentucky actors to workshop Lady Alhambra

RACHEL -supporting, female-presenting, Latinx

JOAN- supporting, male-presenting, Latinx

TICO - supporting, male-presenting, Latinx

JURACAN- supporting, non-binary preferred, all gender identities welcomed, Afro-Latinx


Where we are today

  • Auditions for the virtual workshop
    Ongoing until all roles are filled

  • Girl 502 Productions was created,
    in part, to lead the production
    of Lady Alhambra.

  • Gabriela Castillo is the founder and managing director of the company.

  • LadyAlhambra.com will serve as a platform to share information about:
    Production Updates | Casting | Logistics & Funding.

Where we are headed

  • Virtual Workshop
    February/March 2022

In a Blog, Gabriela Castillo will be publishing regularly about the creative process that led to the original solo show Lady Alhambra, and relevant insights about the process of transforming it into a full-length play. You can read and subscribe to the blog by clicking here.