Lady Alhambra tells the story of Nila, an untrained medium of the Oyana Order who is forced to partner with trickster spirit Juracan, and fix a realm exchange portal she accidentally damaged while executing an unauthorized transcendence ritual in an attempt to reach her dead mother; all while singing and dancing at The House of Mambo Cabaret, and reevaluating her unconventional relationship with the dysfunctional siblings who are running it.

Lady Alhambra: A Play with Song and Dance, is a full-length play currently in process. It is being workshopped by the author, Gabriela Castillo-Miranda, independently. The play is an adaptation from the original 15-minute solo play she wrote, performed, and co-produced for the MFA Solo Show Series, Where the Roots Take Hold, hosted by the Center of Performance Experiment in February of 2018 (Columbia, SC).