Gabriela Castillo-Miranda as Nila in "Lady Alhambra: a solo show with song and dance"
NAVARASOTSAVA, at Kottichetham Studio Theatre, Kerala, India - February 2nd, 2024
Written and Performed by Gabriela Castillo-Miranda
Directed by  Balasree Viswanathan     
Drums by Kalamandalam Harihara Gupta     
Photography by Sreenath Narayanan

Lady Alhambra: A Play with Song and Dance is a musical play in development by Gabriela Castillo-Miranda. The story centers on Nila, an untrained medium of the Oyana Order who is forced to partner with trickster spirit Juracan to fix a realm exchange portal damaged during an unauthorized transcendence ritual. All the while, Nila must sing and dance at The House of Mambo Cabaret and reevaluate her unconventional relationship with the dysfunctional siblings who are running it.
Inspired by Caribbean history, culture, and mysticism, this play will be an adaptation of Lady Alhambra, a 15-minute solo show written and performed by the author as part of her MFA showcase, Where the Roots Take Hold, hosted by the Center of Performance Experiment in February 2018 (Columbia, SC).


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